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 Missouri flood insuranceAbout Missouri Flood Insurance

Missouri Flood Insurance was established in part due to the lack of resident awareness that homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flooding events. After the establishment of Florida Flood Insurance, Inc, and National Flood Insurance, LLC, the company expanded to help insure other states in the Nation including the State of Missouri.

Missouri Flood Insurance was established in 2010 and proudly and efficiently serves the residents and business property owners of Missouri .  Missourian have not been blind to the effects of flash flooding and storm surges along the Gulf of Mexico, and we are here to help facilitate the insurance needs of the residents.

 Missouri flood insuranceFlood Insurance as a Necessity in Missouri

Flood insurance is often overlooked when purchasing a home or business. In the State of Missouri is it an extremely important consideration to be made. In the past few decades, Missouri has seen its fair share of flooding and destruction with hurricanes such as Rita, Emily, and Ike. Hurricane Ike itself produced some of the most costly damage ever seen in the Houston / Galveston area and had even produced a storm surge that was equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. Hurricanes are not the only cause of massive flooding in the State of Missouri. Heavy rainfall which can occur all over the state can produce flash flooding and fast rising waters along riverbanks that stretch across the state.

Anyone owning or renting property throughout Missouri should understand that in a matter of hours a severe storm can produce heavy rainfall and flooding which can cause extensive damage to your home, condo, or business, with as little as an inch of water. It can take months and sometimes years to fix the damage caused. In addition to the costs of flood damage, property owners need to also consider other associated costs such as with temporary housing, alternative business premises, as well as any lost business revenue that might be incurred.

Now is the time to think seriously about flood insurance and attain adequate coverage before another flooding event occurs. Missouri Flood Insurance hopes to relay to homeowner, renters, and business owners, that flood insurance is separate from homeowner’s insurance policy and that flood insurance must be obtained separately in order to protect our most valuable assets. Missouri Flood Insurance and its' dedicated agents are committed to helping homeowners understand the basics about flood insurance, and address many of the common misconceptions regarding flood insurance. Its' agents are extremely knowledgeable and would love the opportunity discuss with you the facts of flooding and flood insurance. 

Take action today and call at 1-888-900-0404 to get a free Flood Zone Determination, a free flood insurance quote, or just to discuss your flood insurance related questions. Do not get caught without flood insurance. Protect your home and call us today! 

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